Welcoming Addresses

June 2012

Welcoming address from the President of the Cyprus – Serbian Business Association

Welcome to the Cyprus-Serbian Business Association website.

The main objective of the Association is to provide effective and practical assistance in engaging and enhancing the economic and trade relations between Cyprus and Serbia. The bilateral relations between Cyprus and Serbia are hitherto  being   nursed  on  historical friendship   between the two countries.  Cyprus has been all along supporting Serbia on its path to European integration and this support will be enhanced during Cyprus’ EU Presidency in the second half of 2012.

There are several areas in which economic cooperation could be enhanced like construction and infrastructure, tourism, agriculture, Serbia’s unique spas and last but not least banking. We are aiming to achieve a more effective and meaningful trade cooperation in the aforesaid areas between the two countries   through:

  • Systematic and pragmatic interactions of all related parties namely members of the Association, Governmental and other financial institutions in Cyprus and Serbia, Chambers of Commerce of the two countries.
  • Organizing events including conferences and seminars in Cyprus and Serbia where business delegations from either country could attend and be advised of existing business opportunities by individuals exhibiting professionalism and exhaustive  knowledge of the specific items of the agenda of such business forums.
  • All members of the Association should feel free to express their ideas, suggestions and interests which the Managing Body of the Association will present and pursue to the Appropriate Authorities both in Cyprus and or Serbia seeking definite responses.
  • Identifying each country’s products, services, on-going and/or planned projects and bring them to the knowledge of all members of the Association advising them at the same time with contact details of the owners of such businesses thus facilitating the contact initiative between interested parties of either side.
  • Seek to establish a closer cooperation between the Cyprus-Serbian and Greek-Serbian Business Associations thus embellishing the horizon of business opportunities between the tri-angle of Greece-Cyprus-Serbia.

Under the current global economic and financial crisis which is now unfortunately  lying more heavily  on  Greece, Cyprus and to a lesser extent Serbia , makes it imperative than never before to work more intensively together aiming at establishing a diversified, fruitful and lasting business cooperation between Cyprus and Serbia for the mutual economic benefit of both countries.

Wishing to our Association every success and prosperity on the way forward,


Cleovoulos Alexandrou
President of Cyprus-Serbian Business Association.

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